New educational models in higher education have arrived and so have new models business startups and expansion. The College of Aspiring Artists is up top in the lineup with the innovative Creative Economy Edutainment College. New in many ways, but drawing in part from some models that has proven to be highly successful in a similar academic settings developing the aspiring and intermediate talents.
Prior to The College of Aspiring Artists (TCAA), never in the history of the aspiring artists and creative talents career pathways has an intermediate program been created for the purpose of the serious student/creative talent who desires hands on training in an academic setting coupled with product creation, i.e., recording, design, etc., along with touring, entrepreneurial training and artist development where their creative talents can enter into and prosper from their creative talents and enterprises inside professional creative careers and associations.
Separating TCAA from two and four-year colleges is a strategic delivery network of our proven and credible model developed by innovative music, art, film and creative economy veterans that assists the creative talents, the institutions of higher learning and economic development programs and other organizations in achieving mutual goals through our unique 3-R strategy- Recruitment, Retention and Rewards. Like athletes, the intermediate talent gets the coursework and coaching but unlike the two and four-year colleges, TCAA offers compensation, career advancing and talent and product placement opportunities during the term of enrollment through our incubation and entrepreneurial program strategies. TCAA has pioneered a two-year program plus a touring series with other colleges and universities designed to give new talent a first look at how to jump start their creative economy and edutainment careers. Colleges include; UA Fayetteville, Arkansas Northeastern College, Shorter College, etc.
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