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Bible Reading Ministries International— In 2010 the Lord spoke to one of the founder’s heart, Rev. Bonnie Roediger to have an “annual” Bible Reading marathon over Carroll County Arkansas to bring unity to the ‘Body of Christ’. What I didn’t expect was what the “cleansing of the Word” would do in my life. Rev. Bonnie had been reading the Bible as directed by Bible Pathways daily devotion of 15 minutes a day for several years. Rev. Bonnie states: “The working in my life of praying, planning and participating in that first marathon brought me through some physical healing and emotional restoration as well as overcoming the obstacle of not knowing other Team players that the Lord brought along side of me to accomplish His plan. Over the last 9 years, the power of God’s Word going forth over Carroll County and in my personal life has been miraculous! I can see the changes in the atmosphere and the unity in the Body through the washing of the Word.”
Bible Reading Ministries International is the partnering ministry/strategist that is helping to pray this vision forward and key leaders in organizing the 24-hour strategic guide for THE CLEANSE MLK HolyDay bible reading in America and in other regions across the globe.

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