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This COMMMORATIVE BIBLE speaks to the never-ending biblical rights/truths that inspired and guided Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., beyond social, political, civil and human rights agendas to unite people to love one another as God loves us, and to treat all men as God ‘created and ordained’ us to be. The number 50 has multiple expressions of biblical numerology. It represents 5 decades (50 years) since Rev. Dr. King’s transition. It represents a number that corresponds to the meaning of Grace. It represents the 5-fold ministry as outlined in the book of Ephesians which confirms Rev. Dr. King was a spiritual calling to serve as a pastor/prophet/teacher as primary ministry assignments.
50 years beyond his death, we see his calling as a BIBLICAL RIGHTS LEADER. The word of God reveals biblical references and the blueprint of his calling to preach the gospel that led him to pay the ultimate sacrifice. This bible will be available at some sites during THE CLEANSE but can be ordered online and available on April 3, 2019, the 51 st Anniversary of the final prophecy of Rev. Dr. King. It is a tribute to the next 50 years of prophecy to promise celebration. Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr. is the publisher and offers this purpose-filled motivation for the users and supporters of THE CLEANSE.
“Inaugurating the nation with the first Bible with Rev. Dr. King’s image on the cover, both spotlights and arms millions of people with ‘the most powerful weapon of love and hope that Rev. King used to convey—how God can use a man to bring the nation back to him.’ Own it! Read it… and see how God brings forth greater use from you.” Philippians 1:6

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